Tomorrow I will run from Peetriküla to Pärnu

In preparation for Yukon Artic Ultra run, it is important for my feet to get comfortable with longer distances.

For that, I will have a day for myself and I will run from Peetriküla to Pärnu with the distance of 130 kilometers.
The goal is to run 15 hours straight, but it all depends on how I’m feeling – I might even finish faster.
I picked that route, because there are many gas stations on the road. There I can refill my water bottles and eat when I get hungry. I will count all the hotdogs at the end of the day and let you know. 😀

I have planned to start the run at 3 AM, so I can get back home by the evening on the same day.
I will start from home on thursday 3am and my goal is to get to Pärnu by 6pm on Thursday. I will share my moments and whereabouts on Instagram.

Description of the distance:
Tallinn (Peetri küla) – Kernu 42 km
Kernu – Märjama Circle K 25 Km
Märjamaa Circle K – Jadivere Olerex 24,5 Km
Jadivere Olerex – Nurme tankla 31,6 km
Nurme Tankla – Pärnu 6,8 km