1. Preparation — I always wash myself properly before a run, to avoid sweating and various issues from abrasion.

2. Clothing — while getting dressed, I always make sure my socks are on properly, to protect my feet. It’s also important to keep your toenails trimmed, or you risk damaging your feet.

3. Footwear — on a long-distance run, sneakers should preferably be 1.5-2 sizes larger to avoid abrasion of the toes. It’s also important to avoid tying your shoes in the heat, as your feet will swell up and your toes might lose circulation due to being bound too tightly. I also make sure that the sneakers are clean before putting them on.

4. Sun screen — on a long journey, wearing sun screen is important. Preferably 50 spf, since then you can be sure to avoid damage from the sun, and I can personally say I got more of a tan running than my wife did at the beach.

5. Food — food is also important, as we spend and lose a lot of energy while running. We need more fuel, or we’ll stall at the road like cars with empty gas tanks. How much energy we need is based on how many kilocalories we spend. This varies based on our respective distances, as does water consumption.

6. Pulse – we last longer running on a low pulse than on a high pulse. One needs to find a medium pulse for running a long distance in a way that’s optimal both in terms of energy spent and eaten back. From my own experience I can say that running in Estonia on a pulse of 130-140 you spend a lot less energy than in 40-degree heat.

7. Pulse watch — owning a pulse watch is important during a run. It helps avoid problems which may present later in the form of muscle pain.

8. Supplies — when running a long distance in the heat, you need to keep band-aids and a needle on hand, in case you develop blisters, so you can immediately prevent greater foot damage.

9. Positivity — the most important thing is positivity. This is what helps you the most mentally, in completing your distance.

Of course you need to take into account that equipment selection is individual, as people are not the same, so you can’t say that the same things will suit a different runner.