Terms and Conditions

This policy sets out the terms and conditions for using joeljuhtakajj.com.

Please see all terms below to use the web environment.

These terms and conditions apply at https://joeljuhtakajj.com

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+372 5664 9578

Data protection

The joeljuhtakajj.com website is subject to the principle of personal data and email privacy.

We undertake to protect the privacy of website users. SA JJ-Street Children and Family Fund has the right to send newsletters to the customer by e-mail if the prior consent of the user account has been given. The sponsor can at any time cancel the offers and newsletters sent to the email by giving us an email or by following the instructions in the e-mail bids.
We reserve the right to unconditionally and immediately terminate the use of services if the user violates the provisions of the Terms, informing the user thereof. We also have the right to suspend access to https://joeljuhtakajj.com from computers that have been identified as targeting online stores.

Reproduction, copying or distribution of ads and images contained on the https://joeljuhtakajj.com website without the permission of Joel Juht is prohibited. We reserve the right to modify and/or modify the contents, parameters, restrictions, procedures, etc of the https://joeljuhtakajj.com website without notice to the user.

When making a payment, you need to enter your first and last name, which is not shared with third parties, except with delivery service providers (confidential) for the delivery of gifts or prizes.

SA JJ-Street Children and Family Fund is the controller of personal data, which transmits the personal data necessary for the execution of payments to the authorized processor Maksekeskus AS.

Description of the service

The community connected to https://joeljuhtakajj.com supports a variety of activities and projects in cooperation with the JJ-Street Children and Family Fund. Donations help expand and enhance health promoting values ​​and contribute to the delivery of socially important projects.
To complete the payment, enter the amount of the donation in euros, confirm the amount, enter your details and select the appropriate payment method (Swedbank, SEB, LHV, Nordea, Krediidipank, Pocopay Bank Links or Credit Cards) to make a payment.

Donations made through a bank link or credit cards are not subject to income tax exemptions.

Return Policy

The benefits provided via the https://joeljuhtakajj.com environment are used purposefully. In case of complaints, please contact info@jjstreet.eu. Grants are non-refundable.


All prices and financial amounts are in Euros (€).

The SA JJ-Street Children and Family Fund has the right to change the amounts of different support packages. In the case of changes in prices, the price quoted in the approved summary will remain valid for the customer

Filing a Complaint

Donators have the right to contact the e-mail address info@jjstreet.eu within two months after submitting a donation

Complaints will be responded to in writing within 15 days.

If the contributor and SA JJ-Street Children and Family Fund can not resolve the dispute by agreement, the contributor/client should contact the Consumer Dispute Committee.

You can familiarize yourself with the procedural conditions and submit an application here. The Consumer Disputes Committee is competent to resolve disputes between the sponsor and the Web Store. A review of a support appeal by the Commission is free of charge.

The contributor can also contact the European Union Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform.

Estonian law applies to these conditions. If any provision of the Terms is void, it will not affect the remainder of the Terms. Instead of a blank provision, the provisions of this type of contract are governed by law. Disputes between the parties will be solved by negotiation based on mutual understanding, if the agreement is not reached in the Tartu County Court.