My training has now led me to the island of Koh Samui, a rather lovely little island, although the commercial aspect of the place rubs me the wrong way.

But now more about the training

I’ve run 50 kilometers altogether in the first 3 days, and I’ve already done a lap around the entire island.

I can say that the undertaking on this island is a whole new experience, as the temperature in this humidity is 32 degrees on average, up to 40, and makes running tactically more difficult, since your body loses more water in this heat than when running in your home climate.

My body isn’t used to the heat

On the first day of training, my body wasn’t used to the heat yet, so the first few steps threw my pulse much higher than desired and my breathing was irregular. Of course, that’s normal, as the body needs time for acclimation, and I’ve taken into account that I can’t expect good results right away!

The sun shines on the top of my head

Since the sun shines right on top of my head while I run, I have to use 50 SPF sun screen to avoid major damage. In addition to the sun, another major issue is also the humidity, which ended up rubbing my back raw over 4 hours and 15 minutes, and I couldn’t have foreseen that. The training pack I was running it had chafed my back on the first day, but it wasn’t that bad at first. I thought I’d be smart and put a surgical patch on my back, but this only made it worse. How? I don’t know how to explain, as I don’t quite understand it myself. In any case, I’ve given my back two days of rest and plan to try a different running shirt to make sure it’s not the material.

An infection under both soles

Since I started my training 3.5 months ago, I’ve told no one that I actually had an infection under the soles of both of my feet. At some point I lost the pain in one, which just leaves my right foot, which I’ve focused on on a daily basis here in Thailand by visiting an excellent massage parlor.

On the chosen food

In my training, I’ve experimented with a French brand of hiking food, MX3, which is a superb product. At first I doubted if it’d be suitable, but now that I’m hear I realize I need to put in a new order, since the food is very tasty, the nutritional value is high, and it weighs very little in terms of grams.

1.5 meter long snake

On top of everything else, we’ve joked about venom pumps before, but now it nearly became a harsh reality. On the 15th of January, I was running a 4.15 kilometer distance, when I suddenly discovered a 1.5 meter long snake right in front of me, which I almost stepped on.

As this snake was of a similar color to the pavement, I didn’t notice it right away, since the sun was shining right in my face. In any case, this guy stopped with me, we stared at each other, I felt petrified at first, then I slowly took two steps backwards and the snake fortunately sped right across the motorway. I got to continue my run, but after that I definitely felt my heartbeat and wondered how this was possible. Maybe it was a sign, as the snake is said to symbolize doctors, healing and so on.

Continuing my training

The main thing is that nothing terrible happened, and for the moment there’s nothing left but to hope my back gets better, as there’s only a week of training left.

I can only hope for nice weather, as there was a serious flood right before we got here, and the weather report shows that we can expect bad weather until the weekend.