On the 26th of December, a wonderful event took place in Harjumaa – “Free from fat”, in which I also took part.

The goal of the event was to bring sports fans out of the house, to spend a nice time together and cross 42 km: 5 minutes running, 5 minutes walking. It went differently for me, however. At the recommendation of my trainer, I was to go through a light 5-hour hike, but instead I achieved a new personal record with an 11 kg pack, which I will also be using at the Marathon Des Sables. Of course, instead of a sandbag I will be carrying items needed for the 6-day desert run.

Up until now I lacked the experience of this kind of highway training session. Already on my first kilometer I thought I would toss the damn bag away, but I endured the pain in my shins and didn’t stop. I gritted my teeth, ignored the pain and kept running, my head full of thoughts of surrender!

Having crossed 5 km, I felt so good I ignored the first food stop and told my friend by my side I’d just keep running. I had food with me and I got to fully enjoy the run.

One of the funnier parts was the knowledge that I was running in another group, away from familiar faces. I wished dearly to reach the first group, but after 42 kilometers I found out there was no first group at all, but I had made it to the finish line first by myself. This time I finished the “Free from fat” Tallinn run in first place!

This was not a competition, but a gathering of sports fans, so I’d like to thank all participants! You were the ones who got me to make more of an effort, and to reach a new personal achievement. I’d also like to offer my great thanks to my supporters, who have helped me better myself!

See you on the next tracks!

Author: Joel Juht

Photographer: Urmo Luts