Late-night adventures in Vancouver hospital

Joel Juht is currently in Canada, recovering from Yukon Arctic Ultra polar marathon. On the night of the 8th of February he felt strong chest pains and a fellow athlete recommended going to the hospital for a checkup.

“I didn’t plan on going there at first, but as the pain got stronger I wanted to be sure. About 2 a.m I made a call to the hotel doctor and I was transported to a hospital in Vancouver. It was a lot different than we are used to,” Juht explained.  He added that he saw 3 other patients in severe condition there that night. “One had drug overdose, second patient was unconscious from alcohol poisoning and a man with bacterial infection, from helping a homeless person on the street.”

Juht said that the local hospital didn’t make people feel welcomed. After waiting for 2 hours, he finally got called. “Before even asking what my concerns were, the nurse was ready to inject me with strong medicine. After explaining what my problem was, she chose not to give me the shot which probably would have numbed me for a week,” Joel explained.
After x-ray and several tests Joel learned that he didn’t have pneumonia like he first guessed, but was suffering from muscle inflammation (myositis). “I have done special exercises for days now but this pain is unique even for me. I am collecting my thoughts to write my honest experience participating in Yukon Arctic Ultra. After that I will keep moving forward. New challenges are waiting.”