The food supplies for Yukon Arctic Ultra weigh nearly 16 kg

Today, Joel Juht started packing food for the Yukon Arctic Ultra polar marathon, which starts on the 3rd February. In total, about 16 kg of food supplies are to be taken to the race.
During the polar marathon, nutrition is completely different from what it is in everyday life – all food must be packed in vacuum sachets and, in addition to the food for the particular day of the competition, you have to have food with you for an additional 48 hours, in order prevent accidents.
There are 12 stops throughout the race, but food can only be picked up at three of these stops. The stops are located 50-70 km from each other, and Juht predicts that on the first day he will run nearly 98 kilometres. “I learned that we will be given 3 litres of hot water at every stop, so if I need more hot water, I need to melt ice and boil it myself,” says Juht.
Juht estimates that it will take about four hours to pack the food today and out of the 16 kg stock, 7000 kcal of food, of which 900 g is carbohydrates, 300 g fat and the rest protein, is meant for each day of the competition. “The amount of fats in such a race is of the utmost importance, because the fats give energy and help you run longer,” explains Juht.
However, cooking food in the competition is done by pouring hot water onto the contents of the package and you have to also eat out of the same package. Juht has a total of about 50 kg of equipment, a few more things in addition to that, and he will start packing clothes on Sunday.
Joel Juht will start the polar marathon on Monday morning at 6:30 am, as the first Estonian in such competition. He does not know what to expect from such a place and ordeal, but he will do his best.