Joel Juht will risk his life in the world’s hardest extreme race in North Canada

As probably the first ever Estonian, Joel Juht will be participating in Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra, the world’s toughest extreme race, which will be taking place in North Canada in February 2019. This is and ultra-run with toughest conditions, where participants must fight extreme weather. The ice and snow trail, the mountain ranges, the frozen rivers and the unpredictable glaciers of Yukon’s -50 degree winter are made to test all human capabilities.

The Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra has been described as a true survival course, where during 13 days you have to complete 690 kilometres. This challenge puts every competitor’s stamina, courage and response speed to the test, and forces them to face their biggest fears. The ultra-run has three different distances, and the competitors can choose whether to complete it on a mountain bike, on skis, or on foot.

Joel Juht is an amateur sportsman, entrepreneur, the founder of Estonia’s largest street dance school, choreographer and a true adventurer, who is constantly looking for new challenges. For the past 15 years, he has actively contributed to the development of young people and is constantly forcing his body and mind to learn something new in order to stay out of the comfort zone. Sports and staying active has always been a significant part of his life, but it is sports that have taught him discipline and made it easier to stay focused during tough moments.

Last spring, Joel Juht completed the 247 kilometre ultra-run, Marathon Des Sables 32, in the Sahara Desert. Another challenge was the successful participation in the Estonian Golf Championship, where he reached HCP 14 level, after only playing for three months. Now Juht is ready for the third challenge.

His driving force is his adventurous spirit, fear and the knowledge that, through his stories and experiences, he can inspire more people to act, overcome their fears and become better people. Joel’s ventures always go hand in hand with charity work. Last year, in the Sahara desert, he raised funds to open a health part of Metsatareke orphanage, and it was recently opened. Now Joel’s aim is to build similar parks all over Estonia.

Preparations for the toughest ultra-run in the world have been going on for a few months now, and there is about 300 days left until the beginning of the event.