Joel Juht in Yukon – the last survival training camp

It is less than a week until Joel Juht is starting the world’s toughest ultra marathon. The other competitors have arrived and it’s becoming clearer everyday, how important it is, to possess the right knowledge and skills in this extreme environment.

On Sunday, 27th January, the last survival training camp for Yukon Arctic Ultra 2019 started. The participants were taken near the actual course to have a real experience in addition to the theoretical lectures. The purpose of the camp was to give last piece of advice about surviving the race. “The trainings are about different survival skills and we have been prepared for everything that could happen during the race. It’s important to understand what works in this cold and what shouldn’t be done,” said Juht just before a field exercise on how to melt water.

“One thing is for sure – you must not sweat,” said Juht.During the first day participants were showed how to set up a camp, cross the river and deal with the extreme cold.

This Sunday, on 3rd February, Yukon Arctic Ultra 2019 starts. Joel Juht will become the first Estonian to take on the challenge of Yukon Arctic Ultra marathon to finish the distance of 700km in the cold with maximum -50 degrees.