A wish to surpass oneself

Surpassing yourself and helping others in the name of promoting exercise makes life worth living!

I am Joel Juht, creator of the Estonian street dance school JJ-Street, entrepreneur, active athlete, spirited adventurer and survivalist. I am turning to all of you with a special request. I have decided to take part in the six day ultra-marathon Marathon Des Sables 2016 in the South Moroccan desert, which could easily be considered insanity, being a serious challenge and test of oneself. Through this marathon I encourage the entire Estonian people to exercise more, as well as see and help those whose mobility has been somehow impaired. Additionally, I wish to aid the children of Siimusti Orphanage by creating for them a small training park for sports activities through my serious challenge.

A wish to surpass oneself!

In recent years I have poured my heart and soul into various different challenges, such as ski marathons, running marathons, biking marathons, golf and muay thai boxing, I have developed various business related community projects as well as driven and supported youth work. I do everything I can to keep in shape both mentally and physically, as well as be a role model for youths. There are certainly many good and even convenient options for testing oneself, but the best results are realized when you teeter on the edge of success and failure.

During the desert marathon, 250 km of dunes will be crossed within six days in heat reaching up to 50⁰C in full training gear! The mileage is divided along six days and the longest distance per one day is 81.5 kilometers under the scorching African sun. The route and format change every year and are kept secret until the day before the marathon, making the challenge even greater!

Competitors get only one rest day over the course of the marathon, although often most of this is spent on finishing the daily run. Desert runners spend the night in an outdoor campsite, eight people per tent. These people form a support system, family and longtime circle of friends. This experience stays with you forever and few understand the meaning of life’s greatest self-challenge! Six days, one rest day, 250 km of largely uninhabited territory, desert heat, frequent sandstorms and the greatest undertaking of your life – this is exactly what Marathon des Sables represents! The marathon also has a charity background, as local children and poorly insured neighborhoods are helped through it, stimulating the educational system and sustainable development. I want to be one of those who take part in this challenge, and to promote exercise in Estonia with a tangible charity campaign for Siimusti Orphanage.

Gaining access to the desert marathon was not easy

The decision to take part in the marathon already came when first hearing of the undertaking. It was frightening, certainly, yet the decision to definitely go through with the marathon came right away. On the 25th of February 2016 or 9 months ago I sent a letter to the arrangers, expressing my desire to take part in this year’s marathon. However, the initial response was that all spots were filled and I would need to wait until 2018. It turns out you need to plan ahead for participation in this marathon, as the spots fill up quite rapidly. On the 3rd of October, however, the organizers sent me an official letter notifying that a spot in the marathon had freed up and I would get a chance to participate. As a result, I ended up sitting behind my computer for a while, thinking on what to do, doubting whether I was truly up to the challenge. Still, this human uncertainty faded quickly, and I decided ‒ let’s go!

Opportunity to participate in a charity desert marathon – let’s make it an experience for all of us!

I’m offering the opportunity to participate in the charity campaign! I’m calling everyone to support the erection of Siimusti Orphanage Health Park and am also expecting professional advisors and specialists for my team, to help me prepare for the marathon.

Offering advertisement space and a warmhearted feeling to supporters!

All supporters will have the opportunity to add their advertisements:

  • Sponsor’s logo on my personal website joeljuhtakajj.com
  • Logo space on Joel Juht’s Facebook cover photo
  • Use of sponsored products in preparations and competitions, reflected in pictures, video and the news, including social media channels
  • Campaign games with partner products
  • Use of advertisement face in a campaign

As I drive one of Estonia’s largest street dance education and promotion organizations JJ-Street, known for its undertakings across all of Europe and beyond, the number of followers already reaches the thousands and is growing steadily.

My people are with me and this inspires me to take part in the Desert Marathon!

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