A run without sleeping – 252 kilometres of adventures

This Sunday, 5th May, an Estonian amateur athlete and adventurer Joel Juht supports a global charity event Wings for Life World Run by taking a 252-kilometre journey from Tallinn to Võru.

No matter where you are, everybody can join the Wings for Life World Run. Joel Juht starts from Peetri Selver, Tallinn, already at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning. On yesterday’s TV-show Ringvaade, Juht said he largely participates in the run for charitable purposes. “When I did the Yukon, then someone said I had little experience. And this is how we gain experience and become better. If I can contribute to the run and encourage people to take part in it, it’s absolutely wonderful.” Juht admits that he is not a great runner since great runners participate in competitions and do not do such crazy things – he, on the other hand, does not like competition. “I like adventure where you learn and grow yourself. I have never run for so long and now I plan to exceed the sleep phase because I have planned to run 252 kilometres without going to sleep before I have finished. Of course, pauses for meals and stretches in petrol stations are allowed,” Juht said.

“What makes the run especially interesting is the fact that I need to make a plan that does not involve a follow vehicle, no one will be directly supporting me and I will only have a medical kit and some gadgets on my belt.” On Ringvaade Juht reminisced about a run from Tallinn to Jõgeva where there were people supporting and cheering for him: “there were people every where, like in the movie “run, Forrest, run!” Juht said jokingly.

Wings for Life World Run will be held on 5th May all around the world and for the fifth time in Estonia. In Estonia, there will be an event at 2 p.m. in Pirita where everyone can run together. It is not a regular run, instead everyone who wants to participate needs to download an app, register themselves (participation fee 10€ will directly go to the fund) and make sure their phone battery is full – namely, the race has no finish line. 30 minutes after the start, a virtual catcher car will start following the participant, and as soon the car has caught the runner, the race is finished for him/her.

Therefore, the best runner has to run the longest distance as well. The app also provides the runner with information about how far the car is and what its pace is. Everyone, both professionals and amateurs can participate in Wings for Life World Run. At the same time, the run includes a lot of adrenaline and excitement for a good cause. The run supports research to find cure for spinal cord injury to help people out from wheelchairs.

The journey: